New show announced for November!

Friday 20th November

Time: 8pm
Venue: University of Southampton
Admission cost: Standard £16, Concessions £15, Friends £14.40, Students £8

Songs in the Theme of LoveHB

Harvey Brough leader
University of Southampton Voices

Ben Okafor Afrobeat and Reggae songs
Liane Carroll Jazz standards and soulful songs

Composer and conductor Harvey Brough directs the University of Southampton Voices and two very special guests. In an evening of soulful and vibrant music the USV are joined by Nigerian born singer-songwriter Ben Okafor to perform a selection of afrobeat and reggae songs and Liane Carroll, one of the UK’s finest jazz singers, who works her magic on a selection of jazz standards and soulful songs.


March 2009

March 4, 2009 — Ben is performing at the the Global Student Forum 2009 in London.

Ben’s new album, ‘DIVERTED TRAFFIC’ is complete!!!  It will be the first release through Ben’s own ROADSWEEPER RECORDS Label.


Ben¹s old friend Harvey Jones, producer of Ben¹s “Coffee With Lazarus” album, flew in from New York to spend a few weeks working with Ben in his new Malvern studio (where “Acoustic Close-Up” was recorded) laying down some basic track frameworks for his next album. Provisionally entitled “Diverted Traffic” the plan is for the album to be released in 2007, but no date has been finalized.  You¹ve still got plenty of time to explore all of Ben¹s other great CDs




The music of BEN OKAFOR is available worldwide for download.  78 SONGS!!!!!

Ben is currently playing the role of James Somerset in the play, “Rough Crossings.”  This story is about a group of former African-American slaves, who after fighting for Britain in the American war of Independence, struggle to find true freedom and a place in the world they can finally call home.


BEN OKAFOR seeks peace and justice, truth and love.  He is currently involved with the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers, Amnesty International, and many other organizations that work for the good of humanity.

We need YOUR help in this fight.



In 2008 Ben is preparing to embark on a unique and vital Tour, performing a powerful programme of solo acoustic music and poetry, specifically to raise awareness of the needs of children affected by HIV & AIDS and to elicit a practical response. In partnership withThe Bethany Children’s Trust (BCT), he will seek to call Christians, churches and communities to play their part in restoring the lives of children affected by the disease.

JULY 2007 – NEW CD – “Child of Biafra” AVAILABLE NOW!


The premiere performance of Ben Okafor’s stage production of “Child of Biafra” takes place on Thursday 19th July in the Contact Theatre, Manchester as part of Manchester University’s ‘War and our World’ seminar. “Child of Biafra” is written and performed by Ben and is co-written and directed by Justin Butcher and is a dramatisation in words and music of Ben’s childhood experiences of the Nigeria-Biafra War, during which Ben was a child soldier. Songs from the stage production are available on Ben’s new “Child of Biafra” CD (released 23rd July) which is available for pre-order in our on-line shop. For more details on ‘War and our World visit  and to book tickets (£6/£7) or for enquiries please email


purchase book order plankton website myspace […]


CHILD OF BIAFRA is inspiring, challenging, horrifying, exciting, highly amusing, desperately moving and generally takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster, with wonderful music, searing archive photographic images from the Biafran War, and breathtaking true-life testimony from Ben Okafor. The audience will leave feeling inspired, angry, enlarged, motivated to commit themselves to being better informed about the world around them and to campaigning for peace and justice.

The play also shares on a very intimate level the deepest emotions and experiences of Ben’s spiritual journey so that God’s Spirit will touch and delight and disturb and invade the souls through this performance – raising a challenge to all.

Politically the play is controversial and unapologetic, since it addresses the unacknowledged genocide (President Nixon’s word for it in 1968) perpetrated by the Nigerian military machine against the peoples of eastern Nigeria/Biafra.

Child of Biafra” is written and performed by Ben Okafor and co-written and directed by Justin Butcher.

Songs from the stage production are available on Ben’s new “Child of Biafra” CD (released 23rd July) which is available for pre-order in our on-line shop.

Featuring songs from the stage production, ‘Child of Biafra’ is the stage dramatisation in words and music of Ben Okafor’s own childhood experiences of the Nigeria-Biafra War, during which he was a child soldier. These songs reflect the origins of Ben’s musical career, his early childhood and his early journey through the fields and fortunes of war, and the influences of these experiences on his artistic and spiritual vocation to date. The musical arrangements and performances are poignant, earthy and acoustic based and truly reflect the African heritage from which they draw. The CJAM Choir (conducted by Segun Gilbert) add a further dimension to the CD in both their wonderful augmentation of Ben’s songs and in their performances of traditional Igbo pieces.

Track listing:  (approximately 58 minutes)