Ben Okafor Discography



CHILD OF BIAFRAchildofbiafracd (2007)

Featuring songs by BEN OKAFOR from the stage production, ‘Child of Biafra.’ These songs reflect the origins of Ben’s musical career, his  early childhood and his early journey through the fields and fortunes of war, and the influences of these experiences on his artistic and spiritual vocation to date. The musical arrangements and performances are poignant, earthy, acoustic-based and truly reflect the African heritage from which they draw.
ACOUSTIC CLOSE-UPAcoustic CD booklet pg1&12 (2006)

truly intimate and organic album featuring a wonderful rich mixture of musical styles, influences and textures that make up and shape Ben’s life and his music – all rooted around an acoustic base. Building from Ben and an acoustic guitar this magical collection of songs also feature keyboards, bass and drums and all kinds of wonderful and exotic percussion!
GENERATION – REMASTgenerationcdERED (2006)

deserved re-release of Ben’s monumental 1992 masterpiece. This edition is remastered and features newly recorded versions of 3 songs that were originally recorded just after the Generation sessions but until now have been unavailable in any form.

THING WITH WAR (thingwithwarcd2003)

Featuring tracks not available on any of his albums. Because of Ben’s experiences as a boy soldier whilst growing up in Nigeria, 35% of the profits from this reggae/world music single goes to support the work of the Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers. Go to the links page for details of their website.
coffeewithlazarusCOFFEE WITH LAZARUS (2000)

Recorded in the USA with producer Harvey Jones, this best selling album was hugely acclaimed by the critics. Packed with Ben’s trademark thought provoking lyrics, all wrapped up in the intoxicating fusion of reggae, African and world music that only Ben can produce. An album with class written all over it.

shadowscdSHADOWS (1998)

An album Ben recorded exclusively for release on his own Nigerian based Roadsweeper Records. It features more earthy raw versions of songs originally featured on his ‘Nkiru’ and ‘Generation’ albums, plus two songs that are exclusive to this CD. We have the only very limited stocks of this album outside of Nigeria. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

SEE ME NOW (1998)seemenowcdFollowing a gap of 6 years from his previous album, this EP features radio edits of 4 magnificent showcase tracks that went on to appear on Ben’s ‘Coffee With Lazarus’ album each in their full versions.
BLOOD BROTHERS (199bloodbrotherscd2)

Ben joins forces with UK pioneering Christian folk singer/songwriter Garth Hewitt for this album which was released across Europe the same year as Ben’s own solo masterpiece ‘Generation‘. As well as including 5 wonderful haunting OKAFOR tracks (the recordings of which are all unique to this album and some of which have never been included in any form on other OKAFOR album) Ben takes on the role of producer for this album and the musicians who feature on the album are all musicians who have played with Ben – so the Okafor effect is very much in evidence throughout.
NKIRU (1989/UK   199nkirucd1/USA)

This is the critically-acclaimed album that really brought Ben to the attention of music lovers around the world and cemented his reputation as a class writer and performer of intelligent thought-provoking songs addressing the human condition. Originally released in the UK and Europe in 1989 the album was picked up in 1991 for release in the USA. 3 of the tracks from the UK version were dropped and replaced with long time live favourite ‘World Gone Crazy’, the mighty ‘Man of Sorrow’ and ‘Filippino’. With this album Ben Okafor had truly arrived  and had (musically) come of age. It set the benchmark for future releases.
DOWNPRESSOR MAdownpressormanN (1986)

This 4 track collection was Ben’s second release after arriving in the UK and his first on his own Crimson Flame label. His love and understanding of reggae radiates through the passion-filled cover of Peter Tosh’s ‘Downpressor Man‘. Ben’s unique blending of Reggae with the African musical influence of his childhood were in evidence in the remaining songs – all OKAFOR originials, and in hindsight this EP laid the musical foundations for the following ‘Nkiru‘ album which would see Ben’s music maturing fully with success and recognition around the world.
CHILDREN OF THE WORLchildrenotworldcdD (1985)

This was Ben’s debut release after arriving in the UK. Produced by Bob Lamb (who’se other production credits include UB40) and recorded at Bob’s studio in Birmingham the album was released by the now defunked UK label, Ears and Eyes. What is in evidence is Ben taking his first raw tentative steps in laying the foundations of that unique Okafor musical blend. Included in this album is the fantastic ‘Messiah Man’ which Ben still occasionally includes in present day performances.

All songs written by Ben Okafor

Published by Crimson Flame/Sea Dream Music (PRS/MCPS)

Dated: October 15, 2007